Sunday, 15 November 2015

Haagse Rode Kruisgala

Vanavond werden de ushers weer ingezet op het Rode Kruisgala in Den Haag. Vlak na de oprichting van het Protocolbureau in 1995 was het gala een van onze eerste opdrachten. Het gala werd toen gehouden in het Kurhaus, nu vond deze bijzondere avond plaats in het Mauritshuis en Societeit De Witte. 
De ushers verzorgden de ontvangst en placering van de genodigden, evenals de lotenverkoop. Dat deden zij vanavond samen met de vrijwilligers van het Rode Kruis. Deze vrijwilligers volgden afgelopen woensdag een training die speciaal door het Protocolbureau voor hen was samengesteld. 
Het Rode Kruisgala werd georganiseerd om geld in te zamelen voor het verlenen van 'EHBO in de wijk'. Het geld werd ingezameld door de verkoop van de tafels aan bedrijven, door het verkopen van loten en door middel van een veiling. Ook het Protocolbureau is sponsor van het Rode Kruis Den Haag.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Protocolconferentie van de Kring van Kabinetsmedewerkers

Vandaag vond in Soest de protocolconferentie van de Kring van Kabinetsmedewerkers plaats. De Kring is dé branchevereniging van protocol- en kabinetsmedewerkers, voornamelijk bij gemeentes en provincies. 
Het middagprogramma werd verzorgd door het Protocolbureau. Na een inleiding door Jean Paul Wijers verzorgden de sinoloog Monica Bakker en de juriste Gerty Smit een lezing. Monica sprak over de strategische betekenis van protocol en Gerty over de toolkit die een kabinetsmedewerker zou moeten bezitten. Aansluitend gingen de kabinetsmedewerkers met elkaar in debat over verschillende stellingen. 
De lezingen van Monica en Gerty komen uit de opleiding 'Strategisch Relatiemanagement' die op 3 maart aanstaande op de Hotelschool The Hague van start gaat. Tijdens deze opleiding leren de deelnemers om het netwerk van een organisatie te managen en vorm te geven. Modern protocol management is onderdeel van deze opleiding.
Meer informatie:
Henrik de Groot (l) met voorzitter
Jacqueline Carpentier
De Kring van Kabinetsmedewerkers biedt haar leden een interessant programma met tal van educatieve activiteiten. In korte tijd is de vereniging gegroeid naar 200 leden. 
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Friday, 6 November 2015

8 Ridiculous Things We Used To Consider Polite That Would Never Fly Today

There are a lot of customs from our parents’ and grandparents’ generations that now seem completely outdated, if not downright inappropriate, bits of social etiquette that was once considered merely polite but that now seems entirely out of place.
Read this interesting article by Lara Rutherford-Morrison at

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Friday, 30 October 2015

Am I allowed to network here?

Structure increases the effectiveness of networking meetings
The 6-day postgraduate course ‘Strategic Relationship Management’ for professionals starts in March 2016 at the Hotelschool The Hague.

Photo: Jean Paul Wijers (by Ilya van Marle)
‘Sometimes networking meetings appear to be mainly intended for not doing networking,’ Jean Paul Wijers sighs. With his Protocolbureau and Institute for Strategic Relationship Management (ISRM) he is involved in the organisation of many networking events every year. ‘People tend to say beforehand that the main objective of the meeting is for people to meet and get to know each other. And subsequently they only judge your quotation on substantive and creative ideas for the event management. There is a strange contradiction here. It only becomes a networking meeting if you consciously organise it that way.’

And curiously enough this is often not the case. Who isn’t familiar with networking meetings in locations that are much too small, for which the wrong people have been invited, have packed programmes, music that is much too loud, long-winded speakers and lengthy dinners. ‘What also happens now is that everyone tries to achieve more effect with a relationship or networking event by choosing a location that is even more special, with even more entertainment and even more exquisite food. I believe this is the wrong way to go about it. You have to set up a networking meeting with the peace and space for people to meet each other. It’s as simple as that.’

Tailor made protocol
Jean Paul Wijers is of the opinion that a networking meeting has to be structured if you want it to have the desired effect, and structure is achieved by means of protocol. ‘And I am not talking about the classic protocol with the iron rules of former times, but the modern approach of protocol specialists – event managers or protocol officers – who can develop a tailor made protocol for every occasion.’ The main result of a networking meeting that is structured this way, is the increase of measurable results. This is an important known fact for event managers who have to answer questions about the ROI of their events on a daily basis. ‘Experience shows that you meet 3 to 4 people at a non-structured networking meeting who you actually already know and that by structuring the meeting you can increase this number substantially to 10 to 12 persons.’ Together with a good evaluation and follow-up which are also devised beforehand, this leads to a significant return per euro spent in all cases.

‘Strategic Relationship Management’ 
is a collaboration between 
Hotelschool The Hague,  the 
Institute of Strategic Relationship 
Management and the Protocolbureau
Postgraduate course
Key to the strategic relationship management is having a networking strategy. Jean Paul Wijers observes that there hardly ever is one. ‘People think that “if I send an invitation to someone, he/she will be pleased”. But these days everyone receives many invitations, so you have to turn it around: you have to be extremely pleased if people take the trouble to come to your meeting. If they come, then make sure you pay attention to them, so that you really get to know them. So don’t let your own staff – the account or sales managers, the aldermen and their civil servants – crowd together.’
Together with Hotelschool The Hague, Wijers developed a postgraduate course Strategic Relationship Management for event managers, cabinet staff, fund raisers, communication experts, marketers, policy support officers, PAs, etc. Here you learn how to translate a corporate strategy into a networking strategy and here you learn to see the whole networking process from a broad perspective. ‘This way, you are better capable of increasing the effectiveness of network meetings yourself and you learn how to inspire and persuade other people in your organisation – managers and colleagues from other departments.’

Interview and text: Carla van Elst

As from 3 March 2016, the ‘Strategic Relationship Management’ course will be taught by 6 faculty members and 6 host lecturers in 6 course days over a period of two months at the campus of Hotelschool The Hague. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Want to improve your relationships? Take your phone off the table

"Want to improve your relationships? Take your phone off the table" is an interesting interview with Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self by Lisa Bonos.
Turkle talks about her research: "We are becoming more desensitized. There's a 40 percent drop in all the markers for empathy among college students in the past 20 years, with most of the change in the past 10. That really points to devices being a big part of the story."
"Technology makes us forget what we know about life." We've decided that it's OK to have a constant social media stream interrupt our conversation because it's become a social norm. 
"Digital life fosters this fantasy about perfection, control ... an intolerance for serendipity, an intolerance for solitude, an intolerance for quiet."

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Friday, 9 October 2015

'Three-day Masterclass in Protocol' ended today

Dit artikel in het Nederlands: klik hier.

Today the professional course 'Three-day Masterclass in Protocol' ended at the Hotelschool The Hague. The course is an initiative of The English Manner and the Protocolbureau and runs in Brussels, London and The Hague.

In three days the best teachers from both institutes teach participants all the basic of protocol and the management of high level events. The course also covers cross cultural management, networking, speech coaching and etiquette. During a three-course dinner the dining etiquette are covered. 

The masterclass is given by former BBC newsreader Diana Mather, the most renowned Portuguese expert on corporate image and protocol Isabel Amaral, former EU-parlement Chief of Protocol François Brunagel, former Master of Ceremonies of Queen Beatrix Gilbert Monod de Froideville, Head of Protocol of the International Criminal Court Bengt-Arne Hulleman and etiquette expert William Hanson.

The next course will be held in The Hague (3/4 December, in Dutch) and Brussels (9/10/11 December, in English). More information (programma, fee) can be found on the website of the Protocolbureau: This masterclass includes all class material, an official certificate and all catering.

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

De basis van protocol in 3 dagen: Three-day Masterclass in Protocol

V.l.n.r.: François Brunagel, Diana Mather, Gilbert Monod, 
William Hanson en Jean Paul Wyers
This article in English: click here.

Deze week organiseerden wij samen met het gerenommeerde etiquette-instituut The English Manner uit London de driegaagse protocoltraining op de Hotelschool The Hague. 
Tijdens deze training leren ambassademedewerkers, organisatoren van officiele bijeenkomsten, PA's en medewerkers van internationale organisaties of multinationals alles over protocol en het management van high-level events. Daarnaast worden ook de netwerkvaardigheden en de cross cultural communication skills getraind. De tafelmanieren worden behandeld tijdens een driegangen etiquettediner.
De training wordt gegeven door BBC-nieuwslezer Diana Mather, dé protocolexpert van Portugal Isabel Amaral, het voormalig hoofd-protocol van het Europees Parlement de Fransman François Brunagel, The English Manner-directeur William Hanson en natuurlijk de oud-Ceremoniemeester van Koningin Beatrix Gilbert Monod de Froideville.
In december wordt deze training wederom gegeven. Op 9, 10 en 11 december in Brussel (in het Engels) en op 3 en 4 december in Den Haag (in het Nederlands).
Meer informatie:

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