The third National Delta Conference on the Dutch Delta Plan today in Ahoy Rotterdam

Photo's: the ushers of the Protocolbureau at the conference, responsible for welcoming and seating the guests.

The aim of the new-style Delta Plan (the Delta Works of the future) is to protect the Netherlands from high water and secure its freshwater supply, for today and the future. Many aspects play a role in this, ranging from the living environment and the economy to nature, agriculture and recreation. 

Ushers assisting on stage
The Netherlands is a low-lying, prosperous and densely populated delta that is vulnerable to flooding. If something happens, the suffering and damage – in economic as well as human terms – are unthinkable. 
The new-style Delta Plan will be implemented under the direction of the Delta Commissioner, a government commissioner whose position is anchored in the Delta Act. The Delta Bill was submitted to the Lower House on 1 February 2010. 
An usher preparing the seating
Ushers providing directions