The 'Two Day Protocol Training' started today

Today another 'Two Day Protocol Training' started in the Corona Hotel in The Hague. The training of today and tomorrow is the English version of our protocol training with teachers from Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 

At this moment the participants follow an etiquette training by the renowned William Hanson. This training is given during a three course dinner, so the theory can be directly applied. William talks about table manners, but also about the history of etiquette and dress codes.

Today started with the principles of protocol: préséance (rank) and the applications. Gilbert Monod de Froideville gave a lecture about seating arrangements, flag protocol and greeting procedures. This was continued by Isabel Amaral who talked about international protocol.
The fourth teacher today was stage manager Rebecca Rebecca Anna van Leeuwen, an expert in personal presentation and non-verbal communication. Tomorrow Rebecca will coach the participants in giving a speech. 

The Two Day Protocol Training includes a binder with handouts and literature, all catering, two lunches, an etiquette dinner, and a framed certificate. 

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