RSVP Etiquette

This is an article about the lack of etiquette. The writer is a mother of a (almost) three year old organizing a birthday party. Only 25% of the guests (parents) reacted and so the question is 'how many will come?'.
We posted many articles like this, in which we are called upon to show our good manners. And of course we should.
However, aren't we missing the bigger picture? Aren't we trying to bring back old times? Isn't it time for new etiquette?
We are all too busy. We all would like to have more time. We all experience the tyranny of urgency and the lack of RSVP etiquette is proof of that.
Not responding is a way to survive our hectic society. Not a good one, but perhaps an understandable one. Our society really needs to slow down.
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