Gold List 2015, the Grandest Hotel Entrances

Read this very interesting article at the Condé Nast Traveler website called 'Gold List 2015, the Grandest Hotel Entrances'. The article is a slide show about grand entrances in hotels. The one describing the arrival at The Savoy is particular interesting: 

"The doorman at the Savoy Hotel in London opened my taxi door and gathered my luggage to welcome me to the front entrance, but I didn't see any reception desk. Suddenly, a meticulously groomed gentleman greeted me, "Good afternoon, Ms. Yates. We have been expecting you, your room has been prepared... would you like to come with me? My luggage had already been unpacked, pressed, and neatly organized into the suite's wardrobe. This service makes you feel like royalty." —Lauren Yates 
Read the whole text and article at:

In essence Yates describes protocol management. Protocol is about maximising personal attention and systemising – by means of rules and procedures – logistics. In a world where personal attention has become scarce and technology a facilitator for rules and procedures, protocol management provides us with a unique vision in which personal time is the greatest good we can give to someone. It is the modern currency of relationships. This vision is the basis of new postgraduate 'Strategic Relationship Management'.

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