Want to improve your relationships? Take your phone off the table

"Want to improve your relationships? Take your phone off the table" is an interesting interview with Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self by Lisa Bonos.
Turkle talks about her research: "We are becoming more desensitized. There's a 40 percent drop in all the markers for empathy among college students in the past 20 years, with most of the change in the past 10. That really points to devices being a big part of the story."
"Technology makes us forget what we know about life." We've decided that it's OK to have a constant social media stream interrupt our conversation because it's become a social norm. 
"Digital life fosters this fantasy about perfection, control ... an intolerance for serendipity, an intolerance for solitude, an intolerance for quiet."

Read more: chicagotribune.com

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