Photo: the graduation ceremony of the professionals
who followed the programme in 2016
Last week 13 professionals started following the postgraduate 'Strategic Relationship Management' at the Hotelschool The Hague university in Amsterdam. In 6 days given over 3 months the participants learn everything about relationship management on a strategic, tactical and operational level given by 5 faculty members and 5 guest lectures. 

The programme is also followed by 28 hotelschool-bachelor-students and last Thursday a joint-session took place (see photo's). The students were introduced to the professionals, and vice-versa; Where are the professionals working? For what reason did they decided to follow the programme? What are the challenges they face in their work? 

Photo: the joint-session with the students last week
The programme for the professionals is in Dutch, the students follow this programme in English. For the students 'Strategic Relationship Management' is a so-called 6EC elective. More information:

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